burrata di andria

 The burrata born by chance

On the authorship of this cThe Burrata di Andria PGI is becoming increasingly sought after by great chefs. The Apulian specialty is slowly passing from small dairies to starred kitchens around the world.

Tasting the Andria IGP burrata is an authentic gastronomic experience—one of those that makes you feel the flavor of an area, the Apulian one, which is dedicated to good food. This cheese tells the story of how you can start with a little-known product and turn it into a trendy ingredient in large, starred kitchens. We have already talked about this dairy masterpiece, telling you the difference from stracciatella, so let's get to know it a little better.

burrata di andria

heese, incredibly, everyone agrees: it was Lorenzo Bianchino, a cheesemaker committed to the Piana Padula farm, now part of the Alta Murgia National Park. One day, he was stuck in his farm longer than expected and had to work hard to not waste the milk collected up to that point. He decided to use a technique similar to that used for the so-called Manteca, the forms of butter preserved in the scamorza paste.

burrata di andria

So, he took the cream naturally surfaced from the milk, made a makeshift container with spun paste identical to that of mozzarella, and put the discarded scraps together with the stuffed. All closed at the top, probably with green leaves of asphodel, he thus brought the first genuine and authentic burrata to the world. In 2010, the consortium of the Burrata di Andria was officially born, and in 2016 it was awarded the IGP certification.

 Now, you can find it used by the best chefs not only in Italy but in the world. Ask Pino Lavarra in the kitchens of the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong. Andrea Migliaccio, the winner of two Michelin stars, proposed a plate of "Tagliolini with scapece with scampi tartare and burrata di Andria," which must be the end of the world. Alfonso Iaccarino also is experimenting with its use as an ingredient. How would you like to try it?

Credit: Innaturale.com